What We Do

We create integrated campaigns that shape public opinion, motivate target audiences and build support for businesses, individuals and issues.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications JCI provides leadership in developing global communications strategies and designing compelling PR/marketing campaigns to enhance and promote corporate brands and messages. We skillfully handle media relations and marketing concerning executive, company and product profiling to influence the media, top decision-makers and target audiences. Not only does JCI raise public awareness of products, events and corporate profiles, but we protect and defend our clients' reputations during corporate crises with compelling response campaigns. When the times call for a sweeping or sensitive transition, JCI can preserve your organization's brand equity, effectively shielding you from the inevitable onslaught of increased public scrutiny, potential mistrust, and institutional dissonance.

Government/Public Affairs

Government/Public Affairs JCI is experienced in designing strategies to win government and public approval for projects, programs and policies. We help you develop an effective campaign, implementing strategies to gain support in the government, community and media. Our successful track record in this field has been achieved through astute policy analysis, thorough market research. If your organization's success depends upon government regulations or public opinion, JCI can deliver results.

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Entertainment and Lifestyle JCI both creatively markets broadcast entertainment and employs this medium to help our clients reach millions of customers. Through active outreach to the community and media, we generate buzz around feature films, television shows and events. From product placement to celebrity promotions, we apply unique entertainment marketing strategies to meet our clients' brand objectives.


Non-Profit JCI enables non-profit organizations to successfully support their missions. Our professional counsel and media management assist in reaching a larger audience, thus building a foundation upon which fundraising and outreach programs can thrive. JCI's know-how with public relations can help your organization educate more people and generate the resources needed to meet day-to-day demands.

Digital / Social Media

JCI has worked with many of the major social networking brands that created the social media experience, and we've been actively building our new media practice to accommodate clients needs. The agency's communications knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the new media arena ensure that client communications are authentically and carefully deployed, stay on-message, maintain brand equity and reach the right combination of audiences online and off.

We have a team that are skilled in blogger relations, social networking, microblogging, tweets and search optimization and Web 3.0 concepts for the greatest impact. Our digital specialists help clients manage their online conversations, social network and search presence, offering design, analytics, engineering and editorial support.

  • Blog strategies, design, integration, audience building
  • Twitter strategy, best practices and audience building
  • Business and Social network presence
  • Micro-site engagement
  • Widget, promo and micro app design

JCI Best Practices

  • Clients can expect a senior leadership team member involved in the project and dedicated to delivering superior results
  • Daily updates, weekly conference calls leading up to the filing and alternative briefings as the process unfolds
  • A team will include members in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago
  • JCI will dedicate a team member for onsite meeting during critical times
  • Provide state of the art social media expertise
  • Detailed summaries of work completed for client review