Campaign Services


At JCI we have helped design, build and manage grassroots coalitions, execute local, state and national campaigns and advocacy programs for some of the world’s largest businesses, trade associations and organizations. We specialize in taking complicated issues and communicating them to diverse, complex audiences in a simple and effective manner. Our expertise in the fields of health, education, technology, environmental affairs, community outreach and public affairs has proved successful and generated spectacular results for our corporate and public agency clients for more than 20 years. Within the past several years, the team has been involved in award-winning campaigns to educate, inform and motivate target audiences about critical public and private issues that can be simple or complex, seemingly trivial or highly controversial. The fundamental facts are that all of these campaigns have been enormously successful, have been results-driven and have been tightly managed.

Why JCI?

Our team represents a seamless group of individuals with decades of expertise who all have worked together for more than 10 years. This seamless organizational structure and capacity offers an unusual set of positive elements:

  • Understanding of the state level, and U.S. political landscape
  • Deep and fundamental background on how the public/private sector interface and support a legislative agenda
  • A diverse team that includes access to all the key influential communities
  • Management style and organization that is collaborative and accountable
  • Creative and dynamic individuals who draw upon the latest and most sophisticated communications tools to deliver results

Who is the JCI Team?

The team has worked closely together to develop and execute high sophisticated, multi-faceted communications and initiative campaigns and advocacy efforts that allow our clients to reach their goals in this highly charged political environment. With backgrounds in public affairs, community relations and media, we offer a comprehensive team approach to all the campaigns, outreach and communications programs.

Our Services

Campaign Management

JCI team has successfully managed some of the most important statewide initiatives in California in the last 20 years. We have tackled issues that include; tax reform, environmental regulation, political redistricting, environmental reforms, parcel taxes, educational reform and mass transit. We have provided strategic counsel, research, day-to-day leadership and all aspects of communications. Our clients have included large business associations, to small groups of interest groups, but in each case we have delivered powerful messages to a target electorate. The campaigns and elections have cut across political lines and have featured broad coalitions of organizations that prove instrumental in our success. Our team’s depth of expertise in this area features individuals that have been involved in campaigns and initiatives national wide at all levels from Presidential campaigns to localized tax or ballot initiatives.

Recent Campaigns (various levels of involvement from campaign management, fundraising, strategic counsel and media relations:

  • Proposition 23 – 2010 ( Global Warming Act)
  • Proposition 26 – 2010 – (Tax initiative)
  • Proposition 1A- 2008 - Bond – (High Speed Rail)
  • Proposition 87 – 2006 ( Tax Initiative)
  • Proposition 11 – (2008) (Environmental Initiative)
  • Proposition 5 – 1998 (Indian Gaming)
  • Proposition 10 – 1998 (Tax Initiative)
  • Propositions 21-22 (Auto Liability Insurance Initiative)
  • Domestic Fuels Solutions Group - RFS Reform Coalition
  • Food Safety Coalition – Influencing the Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Mercury Free Partnership – Grassroots organization focused on passage of clean energy legislation
  • Free File Alliance – Broad national and state-based group focusing on advocacy for low income taxpayers
  • Chevron – Localized coalitions supporting marketing initiatives
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology – Multiple state legislative advocacy and grassroots
  • National Ethanol Advocacy Coalition – State and national advocacy and coalition development

Coalition Development and Grassroots Advocacy

We also provide leadership in developing and influencing key grassroots groups and organizations and managing that can in turn help influence the support or opposition for legislative or regulatory initiatives. We skillfully design campaigns to garner support with key non-traditional allies and third party groups that maintain powerful relationships with key decision-makers. We develop influence maps that lay out a detailed roadmap of the important stakeholders that can influence public and private policy decisions. We then work to develop and manage those contacts and craft targeted messages so they are highly successful in their approach. We work cooperatively with our clients to assess the best strategy once we have analyzed the landscape to design a short and long-term program of advocacy, communications, direct contact and other grassroots programs that work to successfully manage an issue. Ultimately we are able to deliver significant results by delivering powerful messages to key decision-makers from key constituents in their respective districts or representative areas.

We work closely with community-based, minority organizations, labor unions, health and medical groups, educational groups, small business and economic policy groups.  We routinely work with a dynamic group of business, community-based and minority organizations and individuals at the national and local level.  These are people and organizations that are "on the ground" and play a major roll in policy-making at the state and federal level.